Carnegie Mellon University

Creative Marketing Strategies helped develop new professional development program for long-distance education students

The Language Technologies Institute (LTI) wanted to create a Professional Development Program offered via distance education. CMS was hired to conduct market research to explore possible competing courses offered by other top universities; ascertain whether or not there is a need in the marketplace for distance learning in data mining/machine learning with a language focus; establish which courses would be most helpful to companies and potential students; and if a need exists, begin to gather data regarding the branding/marketing of this program.

CMS conducted more than 50 interviews, some face-to-face (primarily in Silicon Valley) and the remaining via telephone. These interviews included potential students and decision makers predominantly from the high tech industry,the finance and publishing industries and government agencies. The research showed much interest in the cutting edge courses the LTI would offer, but requested a lead product that the LTI had not considered and a different format than the LTI had planned to offer. The LTI used this data to develop its new educational program.

Pittsburgh, PA