Carnegie Mellon University

Creative Marketing Strategies helps nonprofit raise $400,000, bring in new donors and elevate its visibility.

Deborah Kelly was the Project Manager for the School of Music’s 100th goals included: elevating the school’s visibility; increasing awareness of its national ranking; and engaging current and new donors. These goals required the creation of a host committee, a first in the university’s history, and fundraising at the $400,000 level from individual and corporate donors. CMS also planned two gala dinners at the Fairmont Pittsburgh (250 people) and Carnegie Hall (170 people) NYC and assisted with planning concerts at Benedum Center and Carnegie Hall. Liawebnewsleber CMS was responsible for all marketing and branding of the noted events from the anniversary logo and NYC media launch to use of social media and working with the well-known alumni who performed, along with students, in these two concerts.

Pittsburgh, PA

MAR Systems

Creative Marketing Strategies’ market research helps environmental startup raise $2.5 Million

CEO and scientist Claude Kennard developed an arsenic/mercury removal technology for drinking water and industrial wastewater. His environmental startup hired Creative Marketing Strategies (CMS) to assess the U.S. and international market size for drinking water and industrial wastewater. MAR also needed market trends, windows of opportunities for their product in the various markets, competitor information, advantages/disadvantages of current technologies, recommendations for niche market(s), leads on possible collaborations in the marketplace, and more. CMS conducted the market research. Team member Dr. Kashi Banerjee, an arsenic specialist with Veolia Water, assessed the current technologies. We conducted face-to-face and telephone interviews to gather the data. Our final report was used to approach Venture Capitalists for more funding, $2.5 million raised.

Cleveland, OH

The Technology Collaborative

Creative Marketing Strategies’ data helps robotics organization secure $200,000 grant

With the rapid proliferation of robots used in military theaters in Afghanistan and Iraq, CMS hypothesized that there were some product training issues that needed to be addressed. CMS approached and proposed that it assist The Technology Collaborative (TTC) to conduct market research to determine market size and demand by asking the military: what, if any, need exists and at what level for robotics training assistance. We interviewed military personnel and companies that manufacture the explosive ordnance disposal units. This study confirmed that the military has an urgent need for help with training robotics end-users and service technicians. CMS created a partnership with the TTC, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and Beattie Technical School to develop high quality courses to meet the needs of the military and its robotics suppliers. CMS was hired to conduct this research; develop an action plan; present the data and plan to the military and Homeland Security in Washington D.C., and write a grant proposal to request $200,000 from the state of PA. (The grant was approved based on CMS data.)

Pittsburgh, PA

Network for Instructional TV (NITV)

Creative Marketing Strategies helps non-profit develop recommendations on product development and beta testing

This non-profit has been serving the pre-school teachers and parents markets for more than 20 years by creating and distributing technology-based educational materials and services. It recently decided to develop a new online product to generate a revenue stream. The product offers early childhood educational materials to help parents develop their children’s cognitive and social skills.

CMS was hired to conduct market research with the key goals of ascertaining the value proposition for pre-school online educational products; exploring branding issues; and establishing price points. CMS initially conducted secondary research to understand which websites, if any, would be the main competitors to this product. CMS also conducted face-to-face interviews and focus groups with mothers in the NITV target market. The final project report met the goals and made recommendations on product development and beta testing.

Reston, VA

Carnegie Museums

Creative Marketing Strategies helped museums reach target audience for a multi-million dollar ad campaign

CMS was hired to assist the four museums with their multi-million dollar ad campaign by conducting a competitor analysis; helping the museums with branding; and recommending how they could attract more customers (visitors). This project also included studying the demographics and psychographics of their target markets and working with a local TV station.

Pittsburgh, PA

Carnegie Mellon University

Creative Marketing Strategies helped develop new professional development program for long-distance education students

The Language Technologies Institute (LTI) wanted to create a Professional Development Program offered via distance education. CMS was hired to conduct market research to explore possible competing courses offered by other top universities; ascertain whether or not there is a need in the marketplace for distance learning in data mining/machine learning with a language focus; establish which courses would be most helpful to companies and potential students; and if a need exists, begin to gather data regarding the branding/marketing of this program.

CMS conducted more than 50 interviews, some face-to-face (primarily in Silicon Valley) and the remaining via telephone. These interviews included potential students and decision makers predominantly from the high tech industry,the finance and publishing industries and government agencies. The research showed much interest in the cutting edge courses the LTI would offer, but requested a lead product that the LTI had not considered and a different format than the LTI had planned to offer. The LTI used this data to develop its new educational program.

Pittsburgh, PA

West Mifflin Area School District

Creative Marketing Strategies helped school district develop key relationships to create an endowment

CMS conducted research and used the data to develop a strategic marketing plan, including a fundraising component. included 26 interviews with the president or member of the executive management team from businesses/corporations in this district. (Including: county airport, aviation maintenance school, Kennywood, four large industrial plants, CCAC South Campus, and a large Vo-Tech School) Our main goal was to understand if there was any interest in partnering with the school district and, if so, how best to develop these relationships through internships, mentoring programs, and ultimately create an endowment.

Pittsburgh, PA

Laughlin Center

Creative Marketing Strategies increased visibility for children’s educational organization

CMS conducted market research and developed a marketing/communications plan (m/c plan). Laughlin offers educational testing, tutoring, hearing, speech, and psychological counseling for children of all ages. The research focused on their three key target markets: Pediatricians, Educators & Parents. The m/c plan was developed to increase visibility for the Sewickley location and to market a satellite office in the South Hills, if they decided to create it.

Pittsburgh, PA

Carnegie Learning Product: Cognitive Tutor

Creative Marketing Strategies helps software company develop next generation of products

This product started as a research project at Carnegie Mellon. The University’s technology transfer unit hired Bob Longo, from Apple’s Education Division in Silicon Valley, to launch this company. Bob hired CMS to conduct multiple market research studies to determine customer needs in the next generation of software; establish the level of customer satisfaction; understand how customers first learned about this product; help to determine branding/image; and more. We interviewed educators and administrators from Maine to Alaska to collect the qualitative and quantitative data. expired domains . CMS deliverables also included recommendations to implement in their strategic plan. Recommendations helped company to develop the next generation of products and raise their next round of funding.

Pittsburgh, PA