MAR Systems

Creative Marketing Strategies’ market research helps environmental startup raise $2.5 Million

CEO and scientist Claude Kennard developed an arsenic/mercury removal technology for drinking water and industrial wastewater. His environmental startup hired Creative Marketing Strategies (CMS) to assess the U.S. and international market size for drinking water and industrial wastewater. MAR also needed market trends, windows of opportunities for their product in the various markets, competitor information, advantages/disadvantages of current technologies, recommendations for niche market(s), leads on possible collaborations in the marketplace, and more. CMS conducted the market research. Team member Dr. Kashi Banerjee, an arsenic specialist with Veolia Water, assessed the current technologies. We conducted face-to-face and telephone interviews to gather the data. Our final report was used to approach Venture Capitalists for more funding, $2.5 million raised.

Cleveland, OH