Network for Instructional TV (NITV)

Creative Marketing Strategies helps non-profit develop recommendations on product development and beta testing

This non-profit has been serving the pre-school teachers and parents markets for more than 20 years by creating and distributing technology-based educational materials and services. It recently decided to develop a new online product to generate a revenue stream. The product offers early childhood educational materials to help parents develop their children’s cognitive and social skills.

CMS was hired to conduct market research with the key goals of ascertaining the value proposition for pre-school online educational products; exploring branding issues; and establishing price points. CMS initially conducted secondary research to understand which websites, if any, would be the main competitors to this product. CMS also conducted face-to-face interviews and focus groups with mothers in the NITV target market. The final project report met the goals and made recommendations on product development and beta testing.

Reston, VA