The Technology Collaborative

Creative Marketing Strategies’ data helps robotics organization secure $200,000 grant

With the rapid proliferation of robots used in military theaters in Afghanistan and Iraq, CMS hypothesized that there were some product training issues that needed to be addressed. CMS approached and proposed that it assist The Technology Collaborative (TTC) to conduct market research to determine market size and demand by asking the military: what, if any, need exists and at what level for robotics training assistance. We interviewed military personnel and companies that manufacture the explosive ordnance disposal units. This study confirmed that the military has an urgent need for help with training robotics end-users and service technicians. CMS created a partnership with the TTC, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and Beattie Technical School to develop high quality courses to meet the needs of the military and its robotics suppliers. CMS was hired to conduct this research; develop an action plan; present the data and plan to the military and Homeland Security in Washington D.C., and write a grant proposal to request $200,000 from the state of PA. (The grant was approved based on CMS data.)

Pittsburgh, PA